My final feedback, save this game

I cant even begin to describe how frustrated and dissapointed iam with this game right now, so il just go ahead and list all the things that are wrong with this game and need to be changed, probably my last feedback ever:

  • Last spider event was a disaster, even with new equipment people were doing around 4x times less overall dmg per torche, not a single clan from all the powerhouses was able to defeat it, apologize, reduce the difficulty drastically and give final rewards to all the top clans that invested several resources trying to beat this event.

  • Add 2vs2 PvP, Clan Wars and/or Siege and Tournaments, use the current Last Hero Standing engine to add 4vs4 PvP if needed, we desperately need something to do with friends and clans, donating and claiming ferrum ITS NOT FUN nor will keep people from leaving the game once they realize there’s nothing to do besides solo PvP, wich is great as the core of the game but nowhere near enough to keep players happy.

  • Bring back spells and hero shards to arena chests, how on earth do you think new players will stick to the game when they cant even lvl up heroes and spells???

  • Give us an option to FILTER and Sell all equipment by stars and rarity, so we can instantly select all the garbage equipment instead of spending 15 minutes clicking individually every item we wanna sell.

  • Give us an option to instantly turn candles into the hero essence, spellshards and dust that you would get from beating that lvl and sellig all that equipment, i cant tell you how incredibly tedious it is to repeat the same lvl over a 1000 times to collect your rewards, by instantly claiming the rewards you risk the possibility of losing what otherwise could of been a nice epic or legendary equipment. This needs to change, you are wearing off your players by forcing then to replay campaign over and over.

  • Add more progression in between: currently your hero has strong evolutions at either lvls 4, 6 or 9 but it can literally take months or years to move from one to another.

  • Add another 5 campaign books or so, the current books are easy to beat by veterans and they are clearly incomplete since the best rewards you can get are mostly 3 star rares.

  • Stop disrespecting your players with your greed, some of the real money offers are so expensive for what they offer its straight up insulting, you can make money with more grounded offers as long as you keep your players happy and having fun.

  • Add replay option for campaign lvls & survival event, this will really help youtubers and community helping each other.

  • Improve your matchmaking algoritm or at least give us a surrender option.

  • Add lock equipment option to prevent accidentally selling items you want to keep.

  • Add information about artifacts and equipment, what stats can go in wich slots.

  • Fix your chat filter, its filtering way too many words that shouldnt be censored at all.

  • Fix Ascencion Gauntlets so that nobody can get a head start from the previous day before it resets.

Players are mad and uninstalling, its crazy how hard it is to keep players even in the top clans, the game cant handle any more poor decisions.



I couldn’t explain it better, I totally agree, good luck friend

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I agree with you. After the update, there are countless bugs. Now, these activities have become a cycle, one after another. Wasting time, they are neither entertaining nor competing. They are all fighting repeatedly, which makes people feel bored and tired. This is not the game we want to play. I hope only one activity a week is enough, otherwise it’s more tired than work. I think it really needs to change.


A thoughtful member: I think the game will be more fun if xxx problems are solved. I don’t want this game to disappear.
Nordeus: Thanks for the feedback. We will report them to our developer team.
Then Nordeus turns a few free and fun things into the paid state.

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I still don’t see the game as pay to win. But it is slowly transforming in something much worse: pay to advance. Pay to buy points to upgrade heroes. Pay to buy points to upgrade spells. The game has become so slow to advance… How are we supposed to get stronger without upgrading heroes and spells? It seems so slow compared some months ago, it’ s getting tired…


Totally agree. I have 2 phones, and had 2 accounts. Accidentally hooked to Google Play and lost 2nd account. A way to have more than 1 login would be great. We have lost 1/2 the clan due to how much things cost vs rewards. You get up to 15 of whatever and cost is 200,000 takes way too long to advance!


That’s exactly what orbs are for

Orbs are a very limited resource, and they are meant to be used to claim sponsored items like artifacts that you didnt get from a hard level that you beat.