My feedback for 2.0 after 6 months playing the game

First of wanna congratulate the dev team, you can tell there was a lot of effort put in this patch and overall its a very welcome addition, that being said this patch its still lacking in some areas.

Lets start with the good things (they are few but very welcome ones):

  • Campaign its amazing, adds a lot of replayability, its fun and challenging
  • Equipment and artifacts are very well done once you understand the basics behind it, great addition
  • Finally we can add friends in-game, chat and duel with them

Now lets go for the bad changes (or the lack of it):

  • Candles limit; now i understand that you need to make money somehow, but the issue here is that you force players to only play 5-10 minutes top before they stop, in other words you cut the fun. Instead you could add free candles that reset after 3 hours or so, this would reduce the overall amount of candles a player would receive in a day while still allowing for them to gather enough candles to be able to play for an entire hour if so they wish it by gathering candles over a couple of days

  • We still lack COOPERATIVE game modes, im talking about 2vs2 and some sort of clan wars or clan siege where 1 clan attacks and the other defends, we also need implementation of local and global pvp tournaments, understand that events are just a 1 or 2 days thing, people get very bored in between

Mixed feelings about this change:

  • Minion Ascensions: they are amazing in the sense that they add more fun, BUT im afraid it forces players to use the strongest ascensions to compete and it takes weeks to unlock 2 and 3 tiers no matter how much you play since glory is capped at 40 per day, thus rendering pvp very unrewarding once you reach the glory cap.

Other issues:

  • Challenges needs to be fixed to consider everything the player has done in the last 24 hours, it cant be that if you earn a victory chest or lvl up minions 5 minutes before getting it as a challenge, you are stuck an entire extra day before you can complete it, they are many quests like this and its currently very annoying having to check the next 20 challenges in order to not mess up and get stuck
  • Need an option to swap gear in the equipment menu, so we can do it when out of candles or outside campaign mode
  • Add a locking option for equipment, its very common to switch equipment from 1 lvl to another or to keep equipment you wanna lvl up later, this change would help avoid selling those by mistake
  • Allow to modify deck while out of candles, sometimes you need to make a change but run out of candles and by the next time you play you forget about it
  • The Co-leader status blocks the view of donations (not a big issue but still requires fixing)
  • Chat filter may be a bit over the top

Best regards


I really agree with your suggestion on candles. It’s so fast that I can’t do without my mobile phone if I want to play a good game. We need to work and live. I suggest that the cooling time should be about 3 hours to recover. The time is longer, but the total amount is the same!

Let me give you another suggestion. It’s about selling equipment. I want to start selling devices by star, color and batch. It’s really annoying to sell only one at a time!!!

That option is already there, you go to equipment then below you press rank and it will sort out equipment by lvl and theres also the sell option in wich you select all the items you want to sell so you dont have to do it 1 by 1.