My account is lost

I just purchased for 90 bucks,then my account lost.I already connect it to GC and FB,but the data is still lost!!!

Hi Wwq010917,

Very sorry to hear about this. Can you please PM me your in-game nickname so I can get the team to take a look? Thanks for any more info.


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My user name is Dracrays

Thanks for that info Wwq, we’ll deliver this to the team. Apologies for the inconvenience again.

@Valen Hello, 5 days ago I had my account with 1100 drinks but I had to restart my phone with all the data and I reinstalled the game and asked me to start over

Hi Billyxd1,

Had you linked your Heroic account somewhere? Maybe to Facebook or Google Play/Game Center?

Please share your in-game UN and I can have the team take a look.


My account was linked to facebook and I want to connect it again but it tells me: “Your account is already linked to another account” … What is “UN”?

Sorry, your in-game Username. We can investigate that way.

Username: Billy GM
1000 copas

Hi Billy,

So are you sent through Tutorial when you open the game? Or you receive that error message when you try to log in?

Were you connected to Google Play/Game Center as well?

I am sent through the tutorial, When you download the game, start playing it a lot, just connect with facebook

So you weren’t connected to Google Play or Game Center?

I’m not sure we’ll be able to recover it if you reset your device without it being connected to one of those two. :frowning: But please let me know if you were connected; if so, please try re-connecting through Settings and let me know what happens.

Hello , I uninstalled the game,installed it and goes thru tutorial,while being connected to the Google Play acc,bought the starter pack +1 chest from the same acc before the uninstall

Hi abrakadabra,

If you were connected to Google Play, you can retrieve your account in Settings after logging in to Google Play.

Hi SausyFC

I tried to request data on my gmail but still doesnt work.I’m being connected to the GooglePlay the whole time.
My ingame username is : zmopster
was around 1500 trophies

Thanks, abrakadabra! Please check your inbox for more info. :slight_smile:

I could have sworn I had my account linked to google play but when i had to replace my phone yesterday because I had broken it i logged back in to find out I had to start over…if anyone can help that would be fantastic I was over 3k trophies and plenty of purchased in game content :sleepy:

In game username was BARTIMAEUS

Hey BARTIMAEUS, thanks for letting us know!
Please take a look at your inbox for further info on this. :slight_smile:
Best regards!