My account is disabled

Hi help my recovery my account my name PSDIVLL and I love the game and I spend a lot in it

Can someone answer this question how you can help or u will keep my account disabled


Thank you for getting in touch. Can you please provide more info to help us investigate? What is the message you’re receiving? Also, if you can, please provide your account ID.



Hi valen thanks for getting back to me ,Here is my problem, I tryed to play heroic by third party app in huwaei and huwaei do not have Google play servers and I got account disabled by you and I want my account back please and I promise this will be the last time I play the game by third party app so please would you get back to me Asap to unlock my account so I canplay again specially I paid a lot of real money for this game

My account ID is Psdivll
I didnt save my user ID
I use Google play account
And I attach the picture

Hi any thing
For me please it’s been 7 day now


We have shared an update via a direct message. Please check your Inbox when you get a chance.