My account got banned

My account got banned can u recover it?

Hi GM, my account go banned.I know I made a big mistake and I really destroy the balance ,but I think I have an explanation.My friend send my an ipa file just today,told me that he found a bug that can spell skill instantly ,he asked me to try it .I just play a couple of games ,and I think this really ruin the game,and I uninstall the file.But when I get back to home I found out that my account get banned .I feel very sad …

Can anyone help me?I really want my lifeaccount back plz

Tough crap, don’t cheat!!!


And I wondered how some people can do some things during battles that are otherwise impossible, at least for me. >_< Shame on all cheaters. We have an amazing game here and the devs have gone above and beyond to make it fun, engaging, and fair. There’s really no point in cheating.


Maybe you are allowed or can make another account :thinking:
I don’t think you should receive your old, cheat-boosted account back.

If you gonna cheat, know how to do it under the radar. I’m keeping it real an playing straight up, no mods, nothing patched but the top dogs cheating they ass off or spending their paycheck.