My account dissappeared i want my account back

Hi all,iam playing heroic since january 2019 over year and half my account is level 9 almost level10 with legendaries and all minions level 10 was in top guilds ,stopped playying the game 2,3 months ago and suddenly knew from otthers that my account dissappeared from game,search and messages ,so itried but coudln’t login and can’t find my name in search so where is my account ? and why you deleted or disabled it , even if iam not playing game you don’t have rights to delete accounts and say start from the begining! that;s shame,t,i want it back or new one with same old staff and levels like others ,impossible start all over again my account is one of oldest players here,and repeat my question whre is my account and if deleted who and why you did that ?! not good you don’t reply here or e-mails with support and don’t want do anything!