Minions strengths and weaknesses

Rolling Rocks

  • fast, good damage, cheap, reasonable chump blocker.
  • weak to AoE (splash damage).


  • good damage and health per mana for an unit with splash damage that also has a nice speed and great versatility, good vs swarms.
  • can be hit by a projectile before gaining the health above 1 mana.


  • good damage, fast, cheap.
  • loses most trades.

Wisp Mother

  • good with big unit, good backliner, ability stays during CC (Crowd Control; like freeze), cheap.
  • feeble (as in low health), slow.

Water Elemental

  • good for disengaging, good when using ranged, cheap.
  • pathetic damage.


  • good vs big units, cheap.
  • bad vs swarms, delay to transform, feeble before transformation.

Undead Horde

  • good damage, good chump blocker.
  • weak to AoE.


  • good backliner, decent health for a swarm troop, average chump blocker.
  • weak to AoE, 5 lower range, average chump blocker (yes, that’s also negative).


  • good vs swarms, decent backliner.
  • low damage, feeble.

Fire Imp

  • good vs swarms.
  • weak stats, slow, delay to attack/move.

Rune Canon

  • good damage to portal, huge range.
  • feeble, can’t attack units.

Ravenous Scourge

  • scales, great damage after some time, great chump blocker after some time.
  • weak to AoE, no immediate value, ability hindered by CC.

Magic Construct

  • scales, good damage and health after some time.
  • weak immediate value, delay to attack/move, weak against swarms.

Frost Imp

  • has CC and decent stats.
  • slow, delay to attack/move.


  • good vs ranged, high health.
  • slow, low damage, vulnerable to meele and nature guardian.


  • good damage, high health, damage scales well.
  • not as good against swarms with a certain amount of units (5 or more), will likely be at low health if it made good use of its ability.

Blade Dancer

  • good damage, decent vs swarms, fast.
  • weak to mountain giant.


  • good vs swarms, fast.
  • low damage.


  • good vs swarms, regeneration.
  • slow, takes time to recover life, low damage.

Goblin Marksman

  • long range, good health for a ranged unit, good backliner.
  • low damage.

Shield Bearer

  • high health (but should be higher).
  • low damage, slow.


  • great damage.
  • slow, feeble.


  • good damage, fast, well timed ability can be very useful.
  • ability is not optional, poorly timed can be horrible, strategy is vulnerable to damaging spells, delay to attack/move.

Fearless Leader

  • damage is decent even though it’s a splash attack, good vs swarms, damage and speed boost.
  • delay to attack/move, strategy is vulnerable to damaging spells.


  • good damage, great vs big units.
  • delay to attack/move, kinda feeble, not as effective vs swarms.


  • great damage, multiple lane presence.
  • feeble, strategy is vulnerable to damaging spells.


  • 5 higher range, decent damage (with ability), can escape meele (and lower ranged), reasonable health for a ranged unit.
  • can’t escape if it doesn’t have enough space, CC disables ability, low damage (without ability).

Soul Leech

  • high health, great scaling, great with swarms.
  • low base damage, weak to swarms, slow.


  • good vs ranged (or should be), good vs feeble units in general, fast.
  • feeble (for some reason), weak to swarms.


  • good vs swarms and ranged units, high health.
  • pulls big units too, delay to attack/move, low damage.

Mountain Giant

  • good vs low attack units, good rock swarm and damage capability, fast rocks.
  • itself slow, low personal damage, ability stops during CC (will produce 1 rock afterwards if damaged though [likely because its coding checks for health difference to ascertain damage taken]).

Immortal Knight

  • fast, resists death, high damage while dead.
  • feeble, vulnerable to CC.

Silver Ranger

  • long range, good backliner, good damage for the range, strong against feeble units.
  • feeble.


  • decent base stats, fast, great with swarms, counters pixie.
  • damage to allies, weak to swarms, delay to attack/move.


  • decent damage, good lane control, good vs swarms.
  • feeble, unreliable CC, countered by bloodstalker.

Mana Wraith

  • very high damage and health, cheap.
  • extra mana cost, slow, worse against swarms (but can still tank), vulnerable to CC since ability remains active.

Nature Guardian

  • good damage and health for a ranged unit, AoE damage (good vs most swarms), has CC, great backliner.
  • weak to long range, takes a while to cross the lane (slow).

Crystal Colosus

  • extremely high health, good damage to portal, affected by damage increase, pushes enemies away.
  • very slow, no unit damage, killed by ability.

Primal Spirit

  • great AoE burst.
  • damage falls off, loses AoE, feeble, high mana investment (dies easily, must have a good initial blast for worth), competes with hellfiend.

Shadow Huntress

  • great vs melee thanks to knockback, good damage, decent vs swarms.
  • feeble, high mana investment (dies easily).


  • great vs swarms, 5 longer range, fast, great backliner.
  • weak damage, feeble, high mana investment (dies sorta easily), delay to attack/move.

Phase Assassin

  • great damage, invulnerability to damage and CC until it attacks.
  • high mana investment (dies extremely easily), hard to trade for more than the investment, feeble, horrible vs swarms and big units.


  • summon over time.
  • low personal damage, feeble, high mana investment (dies kinda easily), CC stops the ability (in anubis case I’d say it shouldn’t as there is enough risk to warrant such a reward).

Elite Archers

  • multiple lane presence, good backliner, good overall damage.
  • feeble, 5 lower range, bad chump blocker.


  • instant damage anywhere, instant minion presence anywhere, can be cast directly on enemy portal, good vs swarms, good vs feeble units, decent body, very versatile.
  • not as good against big units (but basically always useful due to versatility).


  • good damage, fast.
  • bad vs swarms.


  • good vs big units, ability stays while under CC.
  • very low damage, low range, feeble, high mana investment (dies extremely easily), can be hit once by enemies if in their attack range (immediately after summoned) before eating anything.

Undead Raid

  • summons a lot of small units, multiple lane presence, good overall damage, good (if unreliable) chump blockers.
  • random, unreliable chump blockers, may reach enemies one at a time, vulnerable to AoE.

Stone Elemental

  • high health (but not that much), multiple lane presence on death.
  • slow, low damage, not in control of where the copies appear.

Undead Army

  • summons a lot of small units, multiple lane presence, good overall damage, good chump blockers.
  • vulnerable to AoE.

Elite Warriors

  • multiple lane presence, good overall damage, fast.
  • not that strong individually.

Undead Warlord

  • decent damage, high health, summons a lot of small units upon death.
  • not as good vs swarms.

Fire Witch

  • high reward ability: huge AoE damage everywhere, good vs swarms (including normal attack), good backliner.
  • feeble body, ability is cancelled by CC, high investment (good chance of not activating ability).


  • good damage (for the cost), good vs swarms.
  • slow, not much health (for the cost), expensive.


  • very high health, good damage (for the cost).
  • bad vs swarms, slow, very expensive.

Valkyrie and Immortal Knight are horrible against swarms.
Devourer is bad against swarms.

Sounds about right; i would definitely buff Shield Bearer max hp or make him able to block low damage attacks and Charger initial charge damage. Watter Elemental could use some love aswelll.