Minion balancing

Since the feedback section on discord and nothing is the same thing, i think its a good idea to create a topic about it. Game’s not terribly unbalanced but i think there are quite some tweaks to be made. My suggestion would be something like:

Buffs: Viper, Reaper, Valkyrie, Wisp Mother, Charger, Juggernaut, Abomination, Punisher, Phase Assassin (should have 5 mana cost and more health) and Trinity.

Nerfs: Undead Warlord, Fire witch (should do less spell dmg), Bloodstalker (everything honestly, or at least increase its mana cost to at least 7) and Nature Guardian (just increase mana cost to 6).

This of course my opinion, people can feel free to debate, id just like devs to actually listen to all of the community, not only paying players.

PS: Valens shield is so cancer lol fix that sh*t. :slight_smile:


Agree with almost everything.

About your buffs: really players just don’t use those minions at 5-7k+. I like Valkyrie and Viper but they r so weak against enemies with 4-5 legendaries. I’m using Phase Assassin right now and it’s very annoying for opponent but it’s much weaker then any other legendary so + for some buff (like more hp or lower mana cost).

About nerfs: i’m using Undead Warlord too, but he’s in every f***ing game, everyone just rly everyone using him - boooooriiiing.
Fire witch is a big mess for this game especially with Valien’s shield - only stun can stop it - 2.5k dmg need to be nerfed to 1.5k for lvl 9 on my opinion. Bloodstalker must cost at least 8, but u can counter him so hp and att is ok. Nature Guardian is ok with 5 mana cost in my opinion, just lower his attack speed a bit would be great.
U forgot about Mountain Giant in almost each game - i guess his mana cost should be like 6-7 or lower some hp for him.

Top gay deck right now is - Bloodstalker, Fire Witch, Mountain Giant, Nature Guardian and Ravenous Scourge with
Sacred Mallet + Holy Shield.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback, Levy. We greatly appreciate the thoughts and will be sure the team gets them. While we can’t share quite yet when the next rebalancing will be, feedback like this is always helpful, so thanks a lot and please keep it coming!


Yea Mountain giant is a bit annoying i agree, maybe he could cost 6 mana. Its just beyond me how anyone on dev team thought its was ok to BS cost 5 mana. Makes no sense.

About the rare troops i mentioned, maybe buffing them could bring more variety to the game, especially considering there are some very good and useful common and rare troops.

What’s good point Pleas buff Terrin!! He is worst hero in the game :frowning:

I agree with quite a few things here. Fire Witch’s grand entrance definitely needs to be toned down. It is ridiculous that all your minions can be erased by one card. Or, if you must keep her damage, then at least limit it to one lane. Mountain giant is not as big a problem IMO. However, Nature Guardian most definitely. The fact that his attacks are so quick, his mana cost low, and his attack effect so wide makes this card a bit ridiculous. Then there’s the warlord. I have seen players pop out 4 of these in a span of seconds. And no, no spirit call was used. It is a bit laughable - who and how the hell can counter that? At least limit his use to one card per deck. There are a few more cards that could use a bit of a…uh… spanking xD but none as severe as the above mentioned.

You can see same changes from my new topic😁

Some of these I agree with; the witch needs a change, perhaps only affecting one lane. That Warlord obviously needs to change. The Vampire has way too much health and too many skeletons. Other minions could use buffs.

Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but the shield ability is way too strong. Summer options are: 1) block all damage for a very short time, 2) any damages over the shield health transfers to the minion, 3) anyone’s only three first hit, but all of it.