Maybe a new Hero?

It would be a great idea to introduce a new spider-like hero after the event ! With web-spells, darkening a lane making minions invisible for the enemy for a duration…etc

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But not invisible it’s too op

Haha… Always new heroes, minions etc should be op…after a short period an update nerfs them… Anyway. Devs will take care of spells etc

Hope no :frowning: . First of all balance heroes and spells :slight_smile:

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Just too excited… hehe… you must admit that Shelob is a good idea though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think spider heros and mobs will be cool but without invisible all like dat )))

Haha ok guys…it was just an idea :joy:

All ideas are welcomed and encouraged! :slight_smile: Keep them coming everyone, community feedback/ideas are always a huge help!