Matchmaking "improvements". I' m not sure you understand the meaning of this word

So, i’ ll be passive aggressive for the post. Matchmaking sure isn’ t an easy job, but also it can’ t be that hard

Let’s assume that i am totally wrong complaining about matchmaking. Please, explain me, with what criteria have i been matched in this occasion ? You think it’ s random? Well, here, again with the same player within a few minutes

I’ m no match for him. Way more trophies than me and the minions level difference is huge. Why should i even try to fight? There is no challenge in such matches. I’ m logging for 15-20 minutes and i came against such battles. What is my motivation to keep playing? I just rage quit and i won’ t keep doing this for long. It’ s a good game but it forces me to stay away

It’ s useless to post it under suggestions, because my suggesrion is same as others players: don’ t take only trophies as matchmaking criteria. Consider also the minion and hero levels

I am fed up with matchmaking. I’ m seriously curious how mathcmaking is done and i would realy love it if someone could explain it

I will post here my unfair matchmakings. Not only by my side, but also by my opponents side to prove you that i’ m not the only one that has the problem

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Así es amigo, no eres el único, y agradezco que escribas estás líneas, saludos.

Can you write it also in english please?

That’s right friend, you’re not the only one, and I appreciate you writing these lines, greetings.

I seriously want to come there and punch you, but in a good way this time, whatever it means :stuck_out_tongue: We write our complains, but we should also write when something gets fixed. The maychmaking is much, much better after the updates. I was matched with equal players even on 3.600 trophies after. That’s amazing…!

Thanks Kariolis for sharing your battle and matchmaking experience regularly with us! We find it very insightful and helpful as we are focused on improving this experience in the best possible way across all Arenas. Keep it up!

Thanks Nordeus for improving something, in the last catch the flag event I played a little more because they give more opportunity I hope that in the rest of the events they are the same, and in the pairing they continue working, not everything has to be negative but constructive criticism.

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