Matchmaking Changes


i think its very frustrating, that i get paired with players who already payed a lot of money. So i have no chance to beat them when i don’t pay any money.
is it possible to make some tweaks with the match making, that players who paid money only plays with other players who paid money?

Be careful man. Wery often your enemies are bots! Its difficult recognise them. But its possible. Now is matchmaking fair bc is base on your trophy lvl. What can solve your problems is create some mode like “quick match” when you will paired vs similar plyer but you will not earn trophy (rating)
Plyer Frankenstejn

Trophies for matchmaking doesn’ t work. First of all, there are battles with huge differnce in trophies. Last season i ended on 5.500+ trophies. I battled the top players 6.000+ and i battled players with 4.700. These battles can’t be picked by trophies. It doesn’t make sense

I think it could be far more fair if the matchmaking was done based on players team minion levels. And the trophies could be more ore less based on these levels too or something