Matchmaking: buggy or bad joke? (Screenshots)

Guys, first of all to clarify my position: i’ ve been enjoying the game for a while. It is a good game and you are doing a great job, but i’ came here to cry a little bit.

The matchmaking many times does not make any sense. I’ m not the only one playing with players with way more trophies and way more powerful than me. 3 or 4 levels stronger minions and in the first places on global. The points i lose are few, only 5. But the problem is that when i encounter those players the game forces me to wait and lose. There is nothing i can do to even challenge them. It’ s annoying and usually ends with closing the game and not playing at all because it’ s pointless


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I agree with you, not sure why isnt any Rating lock, for example ±200 points so in you bigger bad luck you can face enemy 400point higger than you.
hope develepers fix it

// BTW why you face this high lvl enemy is bc in any update was that you cant face member of your clan so when top 50 pp is in 2 guild. Thats why you face them



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I’ ve never been on top 50, nor in my guild are top 50 players. We are 2 or 3 that manage to make it top 200, but that’ s it. There are always enough players near my trophies for matchmaking

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A mí me pasa lo mismo ,me enfado y cierro el juego por un tiempo ,no sé si a eso le serviría a los desarrolladores ya que piden que estés jugando siempre

Hi Kariolos! Thanks for the nice words and for sharing your thoughts on the matchmaking system with us! Matchmaking is something we’re constantly looking at and working on improving, so the better we understand your experience, the easier it is for us to identify what needs to be improved. Thanks again and keep the feedback coming!
Happy battling,

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I am just curious. Last hero standing event is very precise on matchmaking. I finished it without encountering other players with devastating difference in trophies as it happens on regular matches. How comes you don’ t use the same matchmakinh system on casual battles?


Kariolis, in LHS you don’t face real players. Those are bots adjusted to your level.

I get frustrated with this too but at the same time, I don’t mind it as much anymore to be honest. Also consider such a lock. Then the top XX players would constantly be fighting only each other. While I know that some of them I have no chance of beating, I usually try and when I lose I will lose 5 trophies so it’s not a shocking amount. Overall with the trophy loss limitations, I think the game does a decent job of evening this out.

I didn’t know we were playing with bots on LHS. And it doesn’t matter much i think, at least for me.

About the regular battles. It doesn’t bother me the trophies i lose. It’ s the fact that i have to lose. Seriously, there is no point on even trying to challenge them. I can’t play against them. Their units are 2-3 levels bigger than mine. This alone is dead end for wining. And if you add the spell that spawns 1 unit on each lane early on the game, you don’t even have to do the maths to see where this is going.

When i encounter them, most of the times i don’t even spawn units any more. I’ m a sitting duck either way. And many times i just close the game. It pushes me away from the game.

It’ s not sollution these big boys to play only with each other. I was hopping to meet them in battle to see how they play. But when 5-6 games out of 10 are against them, it’ s completely annoying. Why don’ t they have some battles against bots and fewer against players with huge gap on trophies;

i think the ranking is way off considering the huge differences in player levels/cards…

what is bizarre tho is whenever i change cards or decks im faced with players using the same cards… i could literally play scourge 10 matches & face the same cards… then play cards nobody uses much but still i will face them…

matches feel like they are rigged & one player usually has the upper hand, unlike most other games that require skill i.e poker, pool, solitaire, chess etc… - heroic requires no skill, just money to make cards strong & give players huge unfair advantages…

This game is all about the cash you got. Its unfairness rates way up there. Pisses me off…make me get another account that I’ll patch just to be competitive…BS

pfff…sayin just nothin as usually

ehh what happened?
somethin wrong with the game?
how is tht possible?

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And it’s getting worse