Lost new account again!

New account has cost my real money!
I just switch game account from old device to new device, it lost!
Here this the real id i snapped, because i wan’t new account lost again, but it happened!!!
Account problem is a base function, if this kind problem happened again, but you guys still no response for this!
This is you base duty job! I spend real money, but still lost again!

This bug can be reproduced 100%, here is bug flow:

  1. create one account on a device and switch to new device, now account be work fine on two devices.
  2. now use one of two old device and switch new account on it
  3. reboot game app, the old game account will be lost from two devices and never come back again.

Hi diudiu8848, thanks for letting us know. There are two things to keep in mind here:

  • to make sure your progress is saved you need to connect your Heroic account to a Game Center/Google Play account; from the screenshot looks like yours wasn’t linked
  • removing data from the Heroic app or clicking on Delete account option in Profile - Settings completely removes an account from our database
    Anyhow, I’ve sent you a direct message with more info on this matter, please check your inbox when you can. I’m sorry about the inconvenience.
    Best regards,

Another serious bug, i use iphone 6 device download game and login, switch to the player setting, it can switch to game center manually, but other newer ipad can’t do that, so i guess the game center didn’t work fine.
Other kind game will tips i logon game center info when i switch to another game center account, but your game no any tips.
BTW, i invite new account before on other device, that bind to my often use game center account, this is very strange issue, because this game center didn’t bind any other game account before successfully, i can confirm your game bind game center function is bad, very hard bind the game center.

I play your game app for about 2 month, the lost account issue is serious bug to me at least, i trust your game can keep safe account, and the only thing i do just switch to account to another device, as i think bind game center is a very normal operate for apple device user, is right?
The second time i lost account, just use game provide function of switch account to another device, because your game bind game center is un-normal. If you say switch to another device means player delete account, this can’t be accepted result, i pay time and money on this.
I play many kind of games for long time, this is the first developer team tell me, player use the game function to switch game account is delete operate, that is too absurd.

I had PM you how many money i pay on the lost game account, please check it.

Can you communicate with me in Chinese?What’s you heroic ID?Which guild are you in?My guild is 墨雨晨曦。