Lost account.. 9 lvl, 3500 gems, i'am from one of Best guilds on game.. TitansPL.. The Best in Poland

Hey, I lost account, i play from 6 month and have almost 10 lvl… I try make second account from my Wife in another mobile, but when I make new device and put code from Old one i lost account on my Phone! Maybe possible is the same google play account on my Phone and the New Phone from my Wife! Becouse i think she make google and put my profile! I have Information from facebook, there still applications heroic from 07.07.19, also i have screenshots from game and videos from the battle… Also personal data on my e-mail… But when I check on my guild, there is one place free… Like a ghost :/:confused: pls help me… I want play more but i lost motivation :confused:

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Somebody answer for questions like this or only check who like the profil?!?!?!?

Hi SpiderMan91, we’re sorry to hear that. Our devs are looking into it so I’ll get back to you when we know more. If by any chance you have your user ID saved, please share it with me in a direct message.

#00FF00ⓈⓅⒾⒹⒺⓇ thats my login to heroic

Hi SpiderMan91, I’ve just shared more info on this via a direct message. Please check your inbox.
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