Line Groups in Heroic Communities?

I was wondering if theres a Line Group or something similar for the Heroic Community?

English or German preffered.

Have a nice day peeps

Welcome to the forum…! What is a Line Group?

@Kariolis Line is an app in Google Playstore used for chatting. @Nawfal I don’t think there is a general chat for Heroic on Line but there is a server on Discord. If you do prefer Line you could always do as my guild has done and create a group chat for your guild. It is very convenient being that you have the ability to share replays (after screen recording) and discuss the replay as well as decks etc.

@LdySasha thanks good to know :slight_smile: i may show up on the discord then!

Oh, i see. We use telegramm to communicate and share replays and screenshots. Some teams use WhatsApp. We can’t demand the chat of the game to be so high in level as other dedicated apps. But i think it’ s biggest flaw is the old messages diassapearing as new ones take their place