Last hero standing

Does this event give Mythic hero reward like it used to be or just collecting tokens?

I wonder the same, because I’m spending a lot of time

It gives you only tokens. The chests might still have a low chance of dropping a mythic, I’m not sure. Also note that you can spend 2000 tokens in the shop for a random mythic, so indirectly, you’re still playing for a mythic card.

What a waste of time, I’m getting angry

The new myth has to cost 20000 yuan to buy. You can spend 2000 to randomly acquire any myth you have, and those you don’t have in your collection will not be available. I hope I can help you. Lol

Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing this up - Event Chests in Last Hero Standing can contain Mythic cards. Apart from this reward on the Last Hero Standing reward track, some milestones give you Phoenix Tokens which you can spend in the Merchant Shop on Minions, Event Chests or other resources. Random mythic card in the Merchant Shop gives you one of the current three Mythic Minions. You’ll also have a chance to get more of these tokens throughout the season.
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Can anyone tell where is that random mythic card for 2000? I can’t seem to find it

So if i don’t have any Mythic i won’t be able to purchase that card? Lolzz

Thank you Noella for answering, but before a mythician did not cost 20,000 I do not know what fenix chips that you invented, and also … if I was playing 2 days in a row what is the duration of this event I would not be able to accumulate even 50% of the chips necessary to get a new mythical … but this is not for wanting to earn more money right?

Let’s also note that we have 5 lives. I do not question whether this is fair or not. Because there is money in it. I ask if the developers find this event fun. With 5 lives, you get several tokens after experiencing the same battles for hours. Even if we leave the issue of life aside, the subject of reward is extremely stingy. This has become more stressful than fun now. We are not playing this game to be more stressful. Our work is boring enough and stressful but it saves money after all, right?

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Can anyone answer my question about the Random mythic card with a screenshot or something?


How come i don’t have that? =/

Interesting, perhaps @cosper is right and you can only get copies of mythics you already have

So old players get it for free and get the chance to upgrade it and i can’t even buy it! So much non sense in this game

Can i get a clear answer for it please?

I don’t think it’s nonsense really. I always thought mythics were too easy to get. It seems that the intent is now to make it harder to get them, but in order to make them useful in all levels of play, upgrading them is a bit less hard (because if that would be hard too, we’d all be stuck with lvl 7 mythics when our other minions are already lvl 9/10). It kinda makes sense.

And that older players got one in an easier way is fine. Older players got a lot of stuff in a different way, the game was different after all. The devs are under no obligation to give new players everything at the same rate.

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So new players have to struggle getting owned by top tier decks while not getting a chance to mythics with Legendary cards have the drop rate of 1.0%? We already disagreed on that point before but I’m every new player would agree with what I’m saying here

New players don’t play against top tier decks, nor do they play against old players with high level cards. There’s a reason we have the trophy system. New players play against other new players.

U can get to 4k trophies very quickly I’ve been there in less than a month that’s ehat i meant by new players, now u can go check my battle history and u’ll find EVERYONE have pretty much all the cards on their decks, and we can debate about synergies and strategies all day long but it won’t dispute the fact that Mythic/Legendary cards gives u the upper hand to some extent