Last Hero Standing IV Event BUG

Hi Developers,

I just tried the event and somehow some of my mythic resources went missing! I did not upgrade any Mythic minion and still some resources went missing.

Can you guys please have a look?

Best Regards,

Hi Manuel, thank you for getting in touch!
We needed to restart our servers an hour ago to sort an issue which we discovered today. Resetting the event entirely along with the progress was the only way we could solve it. Nevertheless, all rewards that had been unlocked weren’t reset nor removed, and they can be unlocked again.
If the issue you’re having is related to something else, please share with me more info and your user ID in a private message so we can look into it.
We’re really sorry about the inconvenience all of this might have caused.
Thanks for your help and understanding!

As a kind of compensation, the right way is to give gifts to everyone, rather than accept more treasure chests, without which there is nothing. It’s not fair. I was online. I’m taking part in the activity. I want to open all the treasure boxes together, so I keep them all the time. I wasted my time and energy and got nothing.