Last hero standing - improvements

I feel like there are a few much needed changes for Last Hero Standing:

1 - Remove Pixie

In a format where rounds are time limited, constantly stalling with Pixie is stupid. A lot of people are doing it and it’s not fun. In my opinion, Pixie should be blocked, just like it is blocked in the defense event.

2 - Reduce obtainable stars in Bonus Round to 1

I have seen the following many times: 3 players are remaining. The 2 strongest players battle it out, the winner comes out with low base life and 4 stars. Meanwhile, the 3rd player got a bonus round, lost no life there and goes from 3 to 5 stars, leading to an easy tournament win.

This is stupid and frustrating for the player who won the battle against the other strong player, only to lose to a bonus round guy. You state that bonus rounds are there to ensure fairness. Right now, they do the opposite. They give the bonus rounds player an advantage he did not deserve, thus making it unfair.

I’d be fine with bonus rounds being removed entirely, but since that’s probably not going to happen, my suggestion is to reduce the maximum obtainable stars in there to 1, so that people can no longer jump from 3 to 5.

3 - Remove trophy based matchmaking

Right now, the only way to get far in the event rankings is to intentionally lose matches in battle arena in order to drop your trophies. This is because matchmaking in Last Hero Standing is clearly trophy based, which means if you stay at your regular max level of trophies, where every opponent is difficult, you don’t stand a chance in the event. This is stupid. Exploiting the matchmaking system should not be a requirement for a high placement in the ranking list.

My suggestion is to make matchmaking based entirely on power score. This would guarantee that there’s still some appropriate matching going on, without having such an easy (and thus mandatory) exploit available to get easier matches. I’m aware that power score based matchmaking would give skilled players an advantage (since a very good player with 8000 power will most often beat a bad player with 8000) but to me that seems perfectly fine for an event. Let good players get a little more rewards.


We are playing against bots, not real players

You call them opponents but in Last Hero Standing you only play vs bots, thats why they always go from 3 to 5 stars at bonus rounds.

Pixie was removed before but for some reason they bring her back for this one.

The problem with power score is that its not all that accurate, you can have a terrible deck full of high hp & dmg minions with high mana costs and your deck power will be huge but in reality it will be very bad.

But as you say, right now the only way its to lower trophies if you dont want to face insanely strong bots, but at the same time if you go below 4k trophies your chest and overall event rewards will be smaller.

What i find the most annoying is that they make you wait an entire min like if the bot was actually playing the bonus round.

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Oh wow, I didn’t realize we play against bots. The devs are sure putting in maximum effort to make them appear like players, including the artificial time delays to make it seem like people are connecting and finishing matches, and names in multiple languages that actually sound reasonable.

This does explain why the system is always able to quickly find 7 players with trophies very close to your own: because they’re not players.

This also means that appearently, all the pixies are just the devs trolling us? They’re giving the bots pixies, after all. Same for crystal colossus and undead warlord spam. And every time my fire witch was countered by someone with a seemingly inhuman reaction time… it all makes sense now.