It is the third time that I write

This is the third time I am writing regarding a suggestion, I would like that since the special reward pass is paid for in events, lives are unlimited given that there are players with levels 10 and 11 that are in the 2900 slot to 3400 glasses on purpose to collect Phoenix tokens,

gentlemen developers so I do not get to complete the 40 I am losing gems and payment, said this seems to me a bad management on the part of you developers who have been repeating this for a long time and do not take Measures in this regard those people who remain down here with very high levels do not go up nor will they go up since they have found a gold mine

remaining with 2900 trophies, I know that in a recent update it prevented being able to download trophies, but they have looked for the way that at end of the season they lose on purpose and go back down, they have to correct that by looking at the levels of the players, can’t it be which levels 7 and 8 face levels 10 and 11 don’t you think? for when a definitive solution? That said, I will continue to insist on this issue until I have an answer from you, thank you.

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I agree with you (not a developer).
I suggest that there will be new heroes in the pool when passing the 3400 mark. That way, it will give more motivation for people to pass that mark. Or maybe give even another legendary when passed.