Is this game Dead?!?

I don’t know how to say this but I think this game is Dead or paralyzed. The game has so much potential and for devs there are so many opportunities about making money (like adding skins for legendary minions, portraits for heroes, frames for guild names etc.) But they don’t seem like as enthusiastic as at early months. Maybe this is about investor. I don’t know but as I see, there is no life.

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The fact that they have a leaderboard with 5 thousand users that is climbable without spending a lot of money makes it alive to me. As far as development, I like the graphics on the campaigns!

You have no idea how many people play so your question makes no sense. As for making money I know I’ve dropped well over a thousand on it.

Yes this game is dead, no major updates for about 2 years, ignore this Misery guy, hes in denial defending Nordeus as hard as he can on every post but everyone that has been playing this game for long knows that everyone has left or they are stuck like me and many others simply cuz we spent too much time in this game like to throw it all away, but if you dont believe me you can always check player numbers over samsung game launcher and so on, we have a small fraction of the people that used to play back in the day and it gets smaller and smaller. The company just decided to abandon it and focus on TopEleven wich gives them around 2m usd a month compared to heroic wich gives them about 20-50k usd. You can always join the community over discord and ask them yourself.


Then why are you still here posting? Seriously, most people simply move on when they are tired of a game but you seem to have some deep hate for the game that’s making you want to make everyone as miserable as you. Sorry but many of us still enjoy it so do us a favor and grow up and move on.

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