Is there any dev alive here?!

emphasized textDo you just realize how IMBALANCED is this game??? Do you just want us to leave forever or pay thousands dollars for a stupid game with such cancer decks???

  • NERF ALAYNA STATUE AND GROWTH : its everywhere! 60% of my games! So boring!
  • NERF YOUR ASCENSION BOOST! SOME UNITS ARE JUST TOTALLY OVERPOWERED! Almost impossible to counter! HAVE JUST EVEN TRIED TO COUNTER VALEN DOUBLE SHIELD + COMMANDER BOOSTED?? Its so hard! Same as alayna, i am facing this constantly. Only 20% of my games are vs other various decks. 80% of lazy winners and cowards. Ruining the fun and diversity!

Stupid meta cancer. And stupid sheeps all playing it. People are idiots. So its your job to force them to be smart! If you let a cancer meta in a game what do you think? 80% of people on earth are lazy and coward. Of course they will play meta cancer.

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Why not counter it instead? Lol or if it’s so meta why aren’t you beating them with it? I am thinking you’re not very good.

I use vortex and a viper, I enjoy when people use it because it’s an easy win. If you are losing that often to it then you are not countering it. That makes you a bad player.
They shouldn’t nerf cards just because you refuse to play a strategy that beats it lol.

Grow up

And there will always be a best deck no matter what. Before these current metas there were other ones and people whined then also so they nerfed them and now you have these.

You are not reading me. You keep thinking i lose constantly to that. Thats not the point. If you are talking about alayna, i counter it easily to. But facing it 60% of my time is a much more problem for me than winning or losing. Now please, stop patronising with me because you become pathetic.
I dont need to prove i am a good player. I dont have any ego problem. On the contrary to you obviously.
Nobody will give you money, you real life wont be better only because you come here patronising for an annonymous video game.

Valen + commander boost is way too much overpowered. If you cant see this, you are obviously the bad player.

People always whine when they lose. Listen to this guy who says he has no problem countering it but just doesn’t like to see the strategy so much……uh huh.

A good player knows how to overcome any strategy thrown at them.

When this game will shut down, we will see who is whining.