Is the Queen Oba mythic?

Oba doesn’t really feel like mythic. It can easily be killed by a silver ranger, ng or any range unit. On the other hand, more powerful units are needed to kill Lord Sumrak and in addition a spell is needed. If Lord Sumrak is mythic, what is queen oba? Or what is Lord Sumrak if Queen Oba is mythic? Yep same question but different answers :zipper_mouth_face: Also, the creature summoned by Queen Oba, seems too cute to be called a “beast.”


I agree, this oba seems very weak, it only works for lower leagues

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When I see Lord Sumrak and Queen Oba in the same lane, It looks like a burgundy-skinned mad man attacking with a pink dildo in his hand and a gypsy woman who throws a plush toy by hitting the tambourine in her hand. Although both are on the same level, the man with the pink dildo in his hand wins. Result = pink dildo> plush toy :man_shrugging:

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Oba needs a lot more health to be competitive.

Sumrak - 575 melee damage, 4610 health, and 1100 special damage.
Oba - 420 ranged (30) damage, 1970 health, and beast with 300 / 2500.

Oba cna get a couple hits in before sumrak comes up with his speed 6 but as soon as sumrak is charged, she’s dead. Ideally, you’d like a 1-on-1 to end in both dying. If I were a dev, I’d play with those values until you get a draw on a 1-on-1 lane.


Agreed. My idea is that Queen Oba seems to have been in a bit of a hurry to create. It seems as though no detailed study has been made for both basic statistics and visual add-ons (plush beast). I think it can be resolved with a few small touches. It may be a more lucrative investment to first edit Oba’s statistics and then make the plush toy look more scary. After all, making bread makes money, but if you make a fancy cake, you get rich.

My first impression was that she is kinda weak too, but at the same time i have been destroyed by a few Oba players on 5k trophies. She puts a lot of presure if left alone, while if sumrak is left alone hitting your portal it wont make much damage, 575 per hit, but one of those hits is lost into casting his special ability, not to mention she cost 1 less mana.

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Yep that 1 mana cost and portal pressure is good but at the same time, it is very difficult for Oba to reach the portal with her hp and weak statistics. Sumrak shows a variety of usage in both mid game and late game periods, but Oba alone is insufficient in these two periods. If Oba wasn’t a mythic minion, I wouldn’t even care. But I would expect more from this minion, which can be achieved with 1000 skull tokens. Because we can get legendary minions from chests for free, but mythic minions can only be obtained through these events my friend.

Yep, another thing to keep im mind is that when you upgrade and lvl up Oba she gains 10% attack dmg and hp on her and on his minion aswell (im only assuming here tho), so thats pretty strong. But i agree with you, besides only people that pay can upgrade her since they arent giving any mythic runes on events lately.

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I didn’t even consider that she was one less mana so maybe going toe to toe with Sumrak isn’t quite the correct metric, but I still think she needs more HP to remain competitive. Huntress and Ranger can both take her out before she can get off her spell. Charger and Primal Spirit can probably take her out too. She needs protection up front, even then she’s on the slowish side and op has a lot of time to draw or wait for a nuke spell.

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She has a range, after few shots she summons another creature and stuns the enemies next to her and your opponent has to stop her immediately. If she is by your castle it is a serious problem.
She is not weak, if a card force your opponent to immediately use a spell it is a good card.
She does not need more health, if a card like this has good statistics aswell it becomes devastating.