Is the mountain giant going to be nerfed?

I would like to know if there will be a creatures balancement aswell. I don’t understand why only changing the spells when the cards constantly used by players are about 10/15. There are some cards that are clearly strong for their cost, but are are acceptable: blade dancer,lord sumrak. But I can’t stand anymore the situation with the mountain giant, you should not waste all that resources to stop a 5 mana card. It has one good counter, the forest guardian…


I hear you! This card and Natures Guardian have had me frustrated almost to the point of deleting the game. Add to that the frustration of the bugs when using Terrin Rhii…

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Yes NG really overpowered. He wants 5 mana as well as damage to the entire lane and stun all minions. Only 5 mana! In addition to the minions you have mentioned, soul leech is also strengthening very quickly.

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I have Soul Leech but I agree with you. If left unchecked she gets too powerful and is impossible to stop. Its game over. I dont use her. She is too easy of a target most of the time for me.

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Blade Dancer is not okay.

I agree with you, didnt say it is ok, all the cards mentioned in this post need to be nerfed. Just say there is a worst situation with the mountain giant