Is Nordous giving up on Heroic Magic Duel?

Hello Nordous,

I have played this game for around 2 years now and there has been alot of talk about the devs giving up on this game recently. If this is true it is my belief that you owe it to the players who have stayed with this game for some time now and invested alot of time and money into this game to let us know your plans for this game. Many of us still love this game and would recommend it to others but we just miss the regular game content updates and we would really like to see some new material. Anyways I hope we get a response to this and thank you again for creating this game as I have met many amazing people all over the world that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


Estamos aguardando atualizações já faz um bom tempo. Infelizmente parece que se esqueceram de nós.

They have released two new characters since the short time I have been playing and they are constantly making adjustments so I have no idea what you are talking about.

And they don’t owe you anything, you are paying to use a service and that is your choice.

You seem to have a shitty attitude. Just saying

I think you just want to ruin other peoples enjoyment of the game but we really don’t care, if you aren’t having fun then move on.

And I think maybe you should mind your own business and stop worrying how I feel about the game. Apparently you’ve got no life other then this game. And maybe you should stop whining about me whining

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You are the one that posted in an open forum so if you don’t want replies then don’t post.

Not rocket science