Is Heroic turning into Castle Crush?

2 years back, i loved Castle Crush. then they started rigging the game by giving you impossible matches and lose streaks to force you to spend money. i reported the game to google and said goodbye to it.

I started playing heroic a few months ago. I feared they would do the same as Castle Crush, but they didn’t… for a few weeks. since the last update i get 7 or 8 losses on the trot, with impossible opponents, I’ve barely thrown 3 cards and they demolish my castle.

I HATED Castle Crush for cheating on us like this. now it seems like Heroic is doing the same. In the first 10 seconds of a match you can guess who will win, just by looking at player level, your first deck, and opponents first 3,4 cards. anyone else witnessing it too?


Entre a está pagina para decir mismo, yo solo compito contra jugadores level 11 y minions level 11 y 12 yo soy level 10 con minions level 10. Y cuando compito con uno de nivel solo obtengo 10 trofeos. Baje de 5800 trofeos a 5115.

Yo tambien vengo de castler crush