Invitations and ferrum

Hello there!

I’d like to make a question about ferrum ammounts. I read that it was reduced due to some users abusing it. But 1 ferrum is realy low. I buy diamonds to open chests and i also try to invite people to earn some ferrum. I wish i could spend more money, but not every month is a good month.

When you see that someone joined from you and got the litlle present, is very satisfying. We crawl forums spreading the word for the game and the reward is a big plus for advancing. Maybe not many stick with the game, but some of them are doing well.

Isn’ t there any way to keep a balance? Maybe with a daily, weekly or monthly limit? Or reducing the amount of ferrum for joining, but not so drastically. Say about 100 per player. For every player you could open 1 chest, practicaly.

I can understand you are more interested on inviting active players. Judging by me, when i’m searching for a game i install it, i play for some minutes to see if i like it, then uninstall. That’ s how i found your game :slight_smile: When you invite strangers you never know who is going to keep playing. Inviting is time consuming and 1 ferrum is not much of a motive :confused:

Wish you the best and keep up the good work!

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Well, that would be a nice addition