Increased guild member limit

most my cards need 1000 cards or higher to be levelled up… i find this impossible with the current guild limit of 30, my guild is fully active with 3000 battles/2500 donations per 7 days… yet this upgrade cost of 1000 is beyond what i can get unless i pay loads of money… could you consider upping the guild member limit to atleast 60 or 100 as tgis will increase battles, members joining guilds, greater donations yeild, bigger clans and socialising within guilds… and most importantly, many of us would be able to compete at a higher skill level meanin better battles and fairer battles against players who pay cash…

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Pumping up guild member limit to 100 may cause grouping of too much good players in one guild, see Angry Army even at this limit. But people making secondary guilds anyway, see empire rising 2. But for the card donation system you are absolutely right. Maybe increasing guild size little bit more and decreasing donation cooldown would really make a huge difference. I lot of people from my country and my guild think game feels kinda p2w when they match with the players with level 13 minions.