I'm stuck campaign 136

I`m stuck campaign 136, i don’t have a fire witch someone helps me with what deck I can overcome.

I did it with 2x Undead Horde lvl 8, 2x Ravenous Scourge lvl 8, 2x Frost Imp lvl 7, 2x Valkyrie lvl 8, Viper lvl 8, Silver Ranger lvl 8, Amazon lvl 8 and Undead Army lvl 6

Lvl 5 Ice Rift and lvl 6 chilling wind were the spells.

Use the Undead Horde, Ravenous Scourge and Undead Army as meat shield for Valkyrie, Viper and Silver Ranger for solo targets and Amazon for groups.

Make sure to save Ice Rift for when the fire witch pops up.

I’m stuck on 140.

thank you for your suggestion

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Were you able to pass 140 SwamurabI? I passed 14O

what had happened Belbel?

Stuck @ 145 now.
Trying to figure out a way to stop the spiders from multiplying.

Did you try upgrading gear?, for survival its important to have minion power, spell power and portal health. Also try placing an early ravenous scourge, or using combos like water elemental Amazon. You dont have to kill everything asap sometimes its more important to buy time till your spells and right minions are up.

Try to use many troops with area attack I remember I passed with 2 water elemental 2 undead hord 2 frost imp 2 archimist 2 amazzon 2 executioner .
spells i used are phalanx and sacred mallet

now I’m stuck at 156

Where are you in the campaign game swamurabi? I am now at 158