I tanked and i'm winning easily (and it's not fun)

I have written to you before on this subject and no response.
So i’ve decided to tanked in the current Last Hero standing event.

I’m a lvl 9 who is usually average 4500 trophies. I tanked down to 4100.
In the event i’m crushing everybody right now. They are all level 8 and level 9 beginners.


**why don't you match a player with another based on their results in the last same event ????**
This way low-level players will play among themselves…

And like i said in my previous post you guys are having too many events and giving too much rewards in events…
what’s the point to go up in ranking in the battle arena when I gain much more from events. I just need to have a low ranking in the battle arena and that way I can easily win all my matches in events.

And when i say easily win I mean easilyyyyyyyy…

Please fix this issue of tanking.


You dont face real players in LHS, its only bots, pretty boring and repetitive if you ask me.

Yes, the higher the score in the arena, the harder the game, and the worse the return. Arena reward 4100 is the same. If developers do not increase the reward, who will continue to fight?


I’ m just a bit over 6.000 trophies. I didn’t tank and it’s not fun either. I am level 10 and my opponents are level 11 with higher leveled minions than mine. What’s the point of this event for me?

We are matched by our trophies which say absolutely nothing about our team and its power. As i am now on 6.000 i could easily be at 3.500 trophies

The only 2 well setup events are the spider one and the survival which has been replaced by the campaign. Do you know what was done right in those? The procedural difficulty and the feeling that you could advance, that you could absolutely tell that you made progress

In survival, each time the event appeared i could reach a higher level because i was getting stronger. In spider event each time she appears we can go some levels further, because we get stronger. In LHS event you can only do worse because you got stronger, unless you trick it into thinking that you are not so strong. You have to stand like a duck and lose in the arena to advance in this event. That doesn’t make any sense at all because either i 'll stay in 6.000 trophies and won’t be able to finish the event or i will lose in purpose in the arena to reach 4.100 trophies and have some easy wins to get the same prizes easily

So, what could be o possible workaround? Make it like survival or the spider event: trophies don’t matter. All players start with easy opponents and as victories are achieved, stronger and harder opponents appear. You want to fall in trophies? It won’t matter. As you advance in the event, what will make the difference is how strong your team is and how good you are playing

This will be challenging because each time you will try to surpass first yourself, your previous milestone and then everyone else. In spider event, what we are challenging is ourselves as a team and this is what makes it the best event


I hear ya.

The consensus when I talk to all the players out there is the same: Battle arena is not worth it. Going up the ladder is useless.