I really want to keep playing but

Hi there, I fell in love with the visuals of the game and started playing, shuotout to your artists, but then afterwards I kinda liked the gameplay. Game is pretty decent for a mobile game. But one thing is killing me. And that is I can’t play the game. It just doesn’t make sense to play. Your progress implement is kinda awkward. I have my chests slots full, I am at the top trophies I can be with my current minions, my victory chest is 10 hours from now on. Why would I play? To get 10 golds each victory to keep up with 50k gold minion upgrade?
I hope you get what I’m trying to say. There are also other things I don’t like about this game such as lack of communication of dev with players, no event calendar, no guides or whatsoever (information like upgrade costs, max minion level etc) on website. But sure thing the biggest bummer is progression system. You should reconsider rewarding system for players who plays more than the others.
The last thing is that I hope you start replying with more clear and informative answers on this forum instead of “thanks for lettings us know”. Seriously nordeus, I want to love your game more, help me. Cheers!


You are right but! They can’t give you here different answers that “thanks for letting us”. Why? Bc pp here inst necessary developers of this game. Seriously you think that they write you: “Yes commander, we working on it now bc you write it here, tomorrow your problem will be solved!” Rly?
And next steps is that lot of post here is subjective. They first need much more opinions than yours :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you even understand what I say or do you even have any idea about game development and communication. But I’m going to tell you what is ideal.
Developers must communicate and listen to their player base. I’m not saying that they should answer every question (actually which is not that hard in this kind of community) but they sure need to communicate and let their players know how the game’s future will rotate. They should communicate via Q&As, dev blogs, calendar, announcements etc. so that people will know that devs of the game care for their playerbase and they’re not wasting time.
If you want examples of this from small companies go to indie dev subreddits and check their dev blogs and answers about their games, or go to kickstarter.
If you want examples of this from big companies, go and check Teamfight Tactics subreddit or Apex Legends subreddit and see how they listen, ask, answer and communicate with their playerbase.
And finally if you want example of what would happen to a game if they don’t communicate, sadly, go and see Artifact subreddit, twitter account, and steam page.
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  1. So why you write all of this when 2.nd September comes update (patch). Here you will see how much they listen or not. Next point is that here mainly isn’t developers but community “managers”.
  2. All Q&A are much more at Discord not here.
    This forum is more ab share information, bug, idea.
    When you want talking with developers change channel :slight_smile:
    And ab other corporations. Its little bit harder than you write. Know what about talking.

Forget about it. There is no balance for a 2 months (when i’ve started). My opinion is that they don’t listen to players at all. Be ready to face players (1-10k trophies doesn’t matter) with much higher lvl of minions and guys full of legendaries cuz of top guilds that completed p2w events. I’ve put 1 star on play market for this balance :wink:

Hi klavyeadam, community feedback has been and will continue to be hugely important for us, so we appreciate you taking the time to share this with us!
All of the feedback we get from players about matchmaking changes, balancing suggestions, communication and other topics is super helpful for us.
We’re doing our best to communicate as many details as possible whenever we have specific changes and news, both on our channels and in the game. All announcements, sneak peeks and details about what’s happening in Heroic and what events are coming up can be found on our channels. We realize that there’s always room for improvement, so we appreciate the feedback that helps us understand better what we should dedicate more time to and go into the right direction.
If you have any additional comments about the changes you’d like to see in the game, we’d love to hear more. For more lively discussion with other Heroes and many of us from the team, remember to check out our Discord server.

Lastly, we’re preparing for an update next week, so stay tuned and please keep the feedback coming!

All the best,


Thanks for your kind and detailed reply.
All I want for now is getting some resources by playing instead of only grinding for league group. You should definitely consider to implement such system for free to play players and general positiveness of you game in the market. I want to give some suggestion and examples about this kind of system;

  • x% chance of getting x amount of gold when you win (way more higher than win gold)
  • x% chance of getting x amount of rune when you win
  • x% chance of getting and opened crate when you win
  • Different game mode you can grind for materials and golds that doesn’t effect rank
  • Reworking Victory Crate to daily win or damage destination with key amounts (ie. 8 win x amount of reward, 15 win y amount of reward, 50 win z amount of reward etc)

These are what comes to my mind in a few minutes, of course your marketing and design team needs to make calculations about these. But surely you need to do something for the favor of f2p players. Hope you consider this seriously. Cheers!

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Agreed. After you get to 4200 in arena and win your 8 fights daily, there is absolutely no incentive to keep playing. The game looks great, plays great, has amazing art and menus, but the reward system is also veery important and… it is terrible, simply put. Waiting 8-12 hours for some bad rewards sucks, leagues have basically no point in the game and the amount of crystals you get for playing is a joke. Now they even lowered the amount of it in the hog chests.

I agree with a new mode where you can grind things, it doenst even need to be pvp. And everything i say is meant to be constructive, cause the game has amazing potential.


Thanks,Levy ! We heard your experiance in the game ,and we shared to whole team your comment.Thanks for support! See you in arena👍!

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Thanks for Fire Witch initial damage and Valien’s shield nerf morons

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Was well overdo, those two, and should still be further adjusted. e.e and don’t be rude.