I lost my account. help please

I’m from Mexico,GOOGLE PLAY GAMES account is: ckeypsy@gmail.com
Due to the mistake of transferring my data, I lost ACC. “MAMASTE”, I hope you help me get my game data back.
My account got overwritten please help me get it back.
I spent alot in this account. Can you help me recover it?
I was trying to link device my 2nd account in another device and it overwrote my main account.

Sorry to hear that man, from what i’ve seen in other cases you cannot recover your account but you can speak to support to get some sort of compensation in gems. I reccomend you join heroic magic duel discord and post your problem on feedback. Good luck.

How can i do that? or whit who can i speak?

This one is an old link: https://discord.gg/29MNaZ If that doesnt work just google it.

Hi Mamaste,

Very sorry to hear about this. Please get in touch with our support team through Settings in-game with as much info as possible. A member of the team will get back to you ASAP about next steps.

Best regards,