I can not change the name on the iPhone

Hello @Valen Please help, I switched from an android to an iPhone 11 pro, installed the game, went through training and I need to enter a name but this is the picture constantly. How to fix it, I don’t want to lose the game because of an iPhone

Hi Dvoice, sorry to hear about this. :frowning: Can you please tell me if you’ve tried re-installing the latest version of Heroic?

Let us know when you can. Thanks for any info.


Reinstallation does not help. All the friends on the iPhone have this problem, even those who play, can’t change their nickname, and I still can’t transfer the account from the android to the iPhone.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope you solve this problem

Hello! I have the same problem.
I wrote about it more than 10 days ago to the email support@nordeus.mail.helpshift.com and still have not received a response. The problem still persists; reinstalling or uninstalling the application does not help.

Here is the video, that I sent to the support:

Thank you very much @Valen , it helped)

Hi RuRu,

Apologies about this. I will send you a PM shortly.