I am Level 6, but all my enemies are level 7

I started the game a month ago, and I was doing very good. But, now all my enemies, whether they are bots or real players, are level 7 or more. Isn’t that unfair? Shouldn’t there be skill based matchmaking? It might be a bug and How does skill base matchmaking work in Heroic in the first place?

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You can go from level 6 to 7 in like an hour which tells me you have only played a couple of matches before making this post.

lol I can tell that you don’t know what you’re talking about. I started less than a month ago and I’m literally in Brawlers colosseum now. The skill base matchmaking is ridiculous because when I watch the replays, there hasn’t been a single time out of 7 games that I’ve lost where the BOT had 1+ rolling rocks in their deck. These bots are literally PROGRAMMED TO WIN. How is that a strategic game? I win all real player battles btw.

PS I’m level 7 now and it didn’t take an hour because think about how much stupid runes you need to power up

You shouldn’t be having much trouble against the bots, they will typically use the same cards you do so use crappy cards a lot. I’m almost level 12 and the bots are anywhere from level 8 to 11 but this is my third play through and you don’t really hit a wall until level 9 or so.

If you aren’t going to spend money you should stay where you are because you will just get frustrated if you level higher and even the bots beat you every time.

This game is free to try out but to be competitive and advance you do have to spend some money.

“Third playthrough”, and you’re at level 12? Jesus, how much money have you blown on this game?

A couple thousand but it’s my only hobby so that’s pretty cheap.

You’re either a liar, or someone whose obscene wealth is to be envied lol

I don’t really have any bills and this is what I enjoy so I don’t mind spending money on something that I enjoy doing.

To each their own.