How to balance game

Nerf the amazons!!! It’s impossible to fight against them, area dmg, dmg throw units, dmg throw units and hitting castle… Wtf??? Why are u force everyone to take dis card to win? They are too op

They isn’t OP bro. Reflector is best and EZ way how tu kill them and enemies oter minions.
2nd she has 2 sec since can shot.
Next vouner is Ranger, Hellfriend, Running Charger, and lot of minions.
You are right she is strong but OP nope. Bloodseeker is much more stronger or Undead warlord.

But u can get Amazons in arena 4 or 5 and at this time u don’t have any card for her…

Hmm seems problem isnt OP minion but bad layout for minion for arena lvl :confused:

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Yup (( it is, and i hope dis will be fixed

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