How is it not a cheating?

Hello again!
Do you think that this is okay?

The difference between the level of a minions and spells is up to 5 lvls.
Again, I would point out that I would not have seen this if the profile had not been public, as the vast majority in the global standings of this event and who knows what else is going on there…
Can any of the developers work on this or at least get some feedback from them?
If you put the only comparison to be over the number of trophies, people like the ones in the pictures will on purpose lose and keep their low number of trophies and that is not fair because they do it on purpose to win events and get phoenix tokens, which is already part of exploiting the game and breaking the rules, not to mention how it all affects new players, as well as the old ones who fight for phoenix tokens with their equals and those who buy those same phoenix tokens for money and pay you.


This is getting out of hands, every event there is more and more of them. Why should i even participate then or buy if someone can just get it like that? Are you going to finaly put them in the upper brackets of arena based on they deck power and profile level or they are gonna keep on doing that. And they are gonna all hide they profiles but we all know what is happening behind that curwey. They are killing this game.


It is cheating and it must be stopped.

This is the time for “summer cleaning” \o/

Full support !


I still can’t understand why they are not using also the deck power as matchmaking factor instead of just the trophies…


You have my full support and we should be more the ones who complain about this situation, I stopped spending gems in the events because I didn’t get anywhere because I was eliminated by higher level players than me and there 80 +90 is one of them, it is called with level 11 and 2900 trophies, I wonder what the developers or those responsible for this say?


Red-john from the Legends clan is another that has 2900 trophies and level 10


I am collecting more pictures of situation like this, I will spam until someone answers me at least.
In the end, if they don’t want to fix anything, at least ppl like this will be embarrassed and maybe they will stop doing that

No one will answer and deal with these questions. I’ve said it many times. I spent about 5000 dollars. But in these activities, I can’t compete with low-level players. I’m not even in the top 50 in the world. I’m fighting level 12 computers and players. Their scores are down, or the low-level ones are always fighting against the low-level mentally retarded computers - too boring, junk settings.

There you are, gentlemen, right now is second worldwide in the last standing hero event, and will be the first in a few minutes a level 11 player with 2900 trophies who found a gold mine down there and is called (80 + 90 ) and they let him do this, hurting many players