How does this game work?

am using low leveled minions, with 3-5 mana (only one 6 mana leveled minion)
how is tht possible tht my opponent put on deck more stronger minions more faster, then me with lower minions?
has faster mana uploading?
what can i do with it?
bit disappointing

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Can you upload a replay? What hero did he use?

ehh…dont know how to record on smartphone
and it wasnt just one time, but several
or is it just the bot-system of the game?
sometimes my opponent has 4-5-6 minions on deck and am just waitin to put one…

Just search for “screen recorder” on play store. There are plenty of them

pfff…it’s not worth it
but seems am not the one who doesnt really like this bot-system

Bots dont have faster mana regen, its more likely your enemies have more cards or they are using Rhii’s Power wich reduces manacost of next minion by 3 and gives an extra card, that alongside stronger lvls can make a big difference.

noo…it did not happen just with Rhii, but with all heroes

It would help a lot if we could see the replay

what dont u understand?
opponent has 4-6 strong minion on deck, me…nothin
its just the irritating bot-system of the game, as others also did write
wonder tht heroic team never answer for these questions…maybe they dont care players mood

I have more than 3.300 wins and never encountered something like this. Newer teamates complained about the same thing as you, uploaded the replay but everything was just as it should be. It was the heat of the battle that seemed the opponet spawned more frequently or was the spell of terrin.

That’ s why i ask for a replay. You are just saying someone spawn more frequently than he should be able to. Ok, i believe you. It could be a buggy bot or it could be a cheater. What do you expect from your post without name of player or a replay?

Hi gerg74, thanks for getting in touch!
All players have the same mana which regenerates at the same speed, so you shouldn’t be seeing any inconsistencies in battles.
If you can upload a replay that shows mentioned situations, please do, it would help us get to the bottom of it.
Thanks and have a nice day,

pfff…I wont make video
if u the admin or one of the programmers, u shud know what am talking about
as other members said this bot-system before me

I don’ t understand you people… Crawling in the forums, asking for help(?), then more info is asked to solve the problem and then “nah, go figure it out yourselves”. And you are also dissapointed afterwards…!

The sad part is that you are not the only one doing this. On other cases even fake “problems” surface (i am not talking only for this game), device specific ones or android version bugs as it turns out, are making us willing to help lose our time because you don’ t want to share more info. Sometimes you don’ t deserve people’s time and attention

ok, here a typical game tht i lost and cant really understand
first part of game seems ok, i did destroy opponent portal to 10.000…but then?
usually more puttable minion on right side, usually 3-4 or more
and only 1-2 on my side
my opponent can put minions more faster than me at the end
half dozen of enemy minions…but where mines? …nowhere
seems my mana did stop to work or what…
so…strange for me…why is it happenin so lot
and how is it possible tht i always playin with stronger enemy?
or is it fully ok?

hope the link works fine…dont know how to upload directly here

That was a completely normal game, mana regens a bit faster with each round for everyone. You Dont have late game cards so you had to waste more cards to defend while he was using fewer. My tip for you would be to add undead army or juggernaut like him and remember that when you use all your cards the game gives you the option to spend 5 mana to request a new card.

I agree with Zarzo. Also, you have a so called “rush deck”, but with slow moving minions. Your deck is incomplete. Your higher mana minion costs 5. As mana regenerates faster and faster, you are left with no minions to summon because of the low cost ones, that also fall easier in battle. That’ s why it seems your opponent spawns faster. He doesn’t. His minions last more on the battlefield and sums up every time he spawns.

Add more powerful units that cost more. If you want faster summon, use terrin and Riis power spell.

Also, this player is not a bot. Want a way to know if a player is bot or real? Search for their guild name . If the team exists, he is human player. The bot teams don’t appear when you search for them

That’ s why i insisted on uploading a video, so we could analyze the battle

joke, u just sayin ur words
u cant explain this shit system
coz why others also said this?
everybody are stupid?
did use higher mana cost minions…but same happenin
maybe i shud spend some money…ppfff

Change your team, make new combinations, take a look on you opponents team and learn new strategies. The battle you have uploaded is fine

did try with higher mana leveled minions…pff…continuously lost…so thx
btw…always playin against stronger enemies LOL
dont understand why i still playin with this irritating game

Ok this is the last time i try to help you, watching the replay you uploaded you made several mistakes:

0:32 you could use silver ranger to kill both magic construct and alchemist, instead you waste reflector wich you could of use a few seconds later to kill silver ranger

0:39 you waste silver ranger to kill a silver ranger when you can use mountain giant to kill him and spawn a few rolling rocks (you even waste shield on him)

1:13 you waste punisher instead of again using mountain giant vs hellfiend and you put magic construct in middle of the lane when he should be spawn at your portal to give him time to grow, you also waste shield on a single unit who is weak and very vulnerable

1:28 again not using mountain giant vs shadow huntress wich is literally the best counter there is for her

1:35 you finally use mountain giant on the guy who hits the hardest and will not only die, it will give you very few rolling rocks

1:59 you could have put frost imp a little bit behind so he doesnt take a hit from hellfiend while casting

2:24 you waste viper he does nothing and dies

2:44 you should have put silver ranger and then goblin both on the lane with hellfiend and brute and wait for a strong unit to use in combination with hammer to kill queen oba, instead you place goblin first wich deals less dmg and you let silver ranger take dmg before using the stun

At this point the game is over, but you made so many poor choices that its clear to me that the problem is you, you need to make smarter choices, you could of won that game very easily.

Your deck doesnt make much sense neither, if you have shield you must push for a fast win using a combo like magic construct and undead horde and then using shield on them and using hammer to protect them. Meaning you should have at least 2x rolling rocks, 2x ravenous scourge, 2x undead horde, 2x magic construct, maybe some archers, etc. But it makes no sense to have reflector, viper, goblin marksman and silver ranger on it. Good luck.

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