Heroic - Maintenance Notes

Hi Heroes, we’ll have a short downtime in approximately 15 minutes, at 5:30 pm CEST. We’ll let you know when ends so you can get back into the Arena!

The focus of this release is related to backend optimizations and minor bug fixes. Additionally, we’re constantly working on improving matchmaking, so this release brings further tweaks across Arenas to ensure a fun and dynamic experience for all of our Heroes. The way players in Legendary Arenas are matched will rely more on their account and deck level than on their current trophy number.

Lastly, an update will be available for Android users that brings compatibility with Google Play-required changes.

As always, we appreciate all your feedback so keep it coming! Happy battling in the new season! :muscle:

The servers are back up and running! Thanks for your patience and happy battling in the new season! :slightly_smiling_face: