HELP ME Facebook connect

So I have had to reset my phone and reinstall the game. When I go to connect to Facebook it tells me your account is linked to another account. I’m trying to get old one back but cannot connect to facebook.

MY USER ID Chinese ㄆ一ㄆ一

Hi g28449326,

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Did you have your account linked to Google Play or Game Center? Facebook connecting is for social features to show you which friends are playing. If you had linked your account to Google Play or Game Center, you should be able to log in there and recover your account. Hope this helps!


I am from Taiwan, English is not very good, can I tell me how to operate in one step and one step?

Hey g28449326, Was your previous account connected to Game Center as well? You should be able to log back in to Game Center and your account will be restored.


I didn’t log in to the game center at first, it was a Facebook link.