Help is required about the 28 day quests

I have a question about the 28 day quests. I have completed 11 out of the 12 total quests yet it says I have only done 8 out of 9. I completely do not understand what I am doing wrong and why I am not able to receive the legendary card. Could someone please help

Hi Haydos, firstly welcome to our Forum and community! :slight_smile:
To share more info on your quest situation - currently all 28-day quests need to be completed in order to be able to claim the last 28-day quest with a Legendary card. Could you confirm whether you have all 28-day quests marked as complete? There is a total of 12 monthly quests if we count the last one too.

Hola tengo el mismo problema. He completado 11 de las 12 y dice que tengo 8 de 9

Hi La Pampara, thanks for the message.
Can you please check if there are any 28-day quests visually marked as incomplete except the last one? Feel free to share a screenshot of what you see in your Quests screen. Thanks for any info,

Hi Noella…
I jus happen to install this game a year back… I’m a pioneer… I luvd this game so far. But recent update hve literally gvn boost to new players seemingly with vip badges… I really feel that like a big insult cos wen I try to play the game strategically those with so called vip badges buy themselves in n overpowering us. I jus feel like it isn’t fair fr the loyal players … n also with the mythic cards… so far whenever I happen to redeem my phoneix tokens I only able to get queen oba… n wen I checked with my fellow player (with vip badge ofcrse) they simply sed they bought the cards… n most of my friends who hve also been loyal players hve literally lost interest due to this… baldo v always getting the repeated games… Fr every month… N there is only one guild quest … please try to upgrade that also… This is the only game I hve been playing continuously without uninstalling… Please dnt mke me uninstall this game…

Hola noelia, en el dia de hoy se reiniciaron todas las misiones, por lo que no te puedo enviar printscreen. Te confirmo la única mision ee 28 dias que me faltaba era la de invitar un amigo y la última que decia 8/9. Hoy dice 0/9.