Hello developers


*** developers, stupid team
unplayable, unfair game
bot-system, swindler gameplay
unreal minions
strange tht i cant get viper when need to fight against abomination
nothin just a ***** pay to win copy game

You should try other games I think

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I Agree with finding another game to play. If you have so much rage to blast the the Devs for no apparent reason other then you losing, this game is not for you. You are gonna get stuck for a while but it’s part of the game, building up decks and getting good cards. You have to realize if you aren’t pay 2 play its gonna take longer to get the cards… Be grateful you get to play a free game


Deberan mejorar algunas cartas para mayor variedad de mazos o siempre se usan los mismos , el cazador tienen poco ataque me gustaría que le den más ataque por lo menos entre otras , a la bailarina le deberían subir el mana igual al gigante de piedras

Its fine how you are creative. Ofc this game lot of bad things but whitch game hasnt :smiley: