Hellfiend is OP - zero counterplay possible

See title. There is just nothing you can do against this card. Other powerful cards, like Fire Witch, at least have counters. There are a number of ways you can prevent the special from going off. Hellfiend special has no counters. Even if he is spawned in the middle of a chilling wind and frozen before he appears (there will be only an empty space with a healthbar) he still does the 1200 special damage. You cannot prevent it. Combined with being spawnable everywhere on the field (for some reason he’s the onlly card that ignores spawn place rules), costing only 6 mana and having a high attack value, he’s stupidly powerful.

At this point I’m so sick of playing against this card that I honestly want to stop playing every time it appears. Just let the opponent win. There’s no point anyway.

Hellfiend is hardly op, like many legendaries he is very usefull and his main strength is that he can counter low hp minions like Queen Oba, Fire Witch, a big swarm group or an early Soul leech, but at the same time it has one of the lowest hp & dmg to mana cost ratio, meaning he wont do any significant dmg vs strong minions, he cant even kill a Nature Guardian of the same lvl. I would say hes perfectly balanced now that he has been nerfed twice. If hes at your portal all you need to do is to put some skeletons and hes gone.

I think thing they go twice that it is nerfed at the end if they continue like this they will lower the category to common let’s not forget that it is legendary and you can only select one card

I don’t really care that much about its stats. Brute has high stats and so does Juggernaut, yet nobody uses these cards. Stats aren’t that important, the abilities is what matters.

I would like to see either Hellfiend’s ability to spawn anywhere on the playing field removed or for his spawn damage to take a moment to activate so that there are counters possible. Right now it’s just a very unfun card to play against, and when you lose because of Hellfiend, it feels 100% unfair.

In higher trohpies is not that op i think… I lost much more battle by fire witch that by the hellfind, in fact the hellfind is not a battle changer imo