Guild not getting new members even though it's set to open

Before the big “Heroic 2.0” update, it was never a problem to find new members. Whenever we had any spots at all people would come. Like, even if we were 28/30 we would already be 30/30 again the same day.

Now, we don’t get any members at all. Our guild hasn’t been full for weeks. Our numbers still look great (weekly battles and donations are like 1500 each) and the guild is set top open and INT for maximum recruitment. It just does not matter.

I can only conclude one thing from this: players who are looking for a guild do not get to see my guild in the list. If they did, we’d get lots of new members, like we used to before the big update. This is a game issue, and up to you guys to fix.

Indeed, there are countless bugs in the new version!

if your name guild is with strange format text from text and generator… can be these the problem…check it…in my guild was this problem…