Great game but obvious balance problem

What i am gonna say, you probably already hear it, but i feel the need to express my point of view.

  • main balance problem is obviously alayna statue + growth + mana wraith.
    Of course, its counterable, of course, it possible to win it easy sometimes.
    But when 45% of your opponent are playing exactly the same deck season after season, there is a problem. Its getting boring to play because of that. This game needs a serious nerf about that.

  • regarding this season only, the boost of the commander is insane. How could you suggest such a boost? Its now 60% of’my opponent playing commander with : valen shield or alayna statue (again), and usually, its not counterable, absolutely unplayable! I can win sometimes with a little luck, but mainly it a « less than 25 sec loss ».

  • abomination. The unit is almost ok. But too much more powerful than any other unit. There is too much difference between abomination and the rest. Its too hard to kill it. Put it at 13 or nerf it a bit.

Your game is nice, but please, balance it better. Its important. 90% of my games are vs:
-alayna statue + growth + mana wraith
-commander insane ascension boost
This is not normal.

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you a LOL
just a money maker game, disgusting unfair gameplay
give them money…then u can win