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I have a question for you gentlemen of Nordeus
What happens to the accumulated gems if I buy a gold card for example, would the same happen with the Phoenix tokens? What transform them into chests? Or can I accumulate my gems as long as I want?
And what if I buy Phoenix tokens with my accumulated gems? It also turns them into burundanga chests? And the last question when buying a monthly silver or gold card is worth for the VIP function ?, I await your answer, thank you.

Hi Juan!
Only Phoenix Tokens convert to gold/chests upon each Season reset. Gems stash never resets and you can accumulate gems from monthly cards over the course of time. As for the VIP points, you can check how many of them you’ll receive from the Silver/Gold monthly card purchase in Shop - Monthly Cards on each banner.
Hope this helps!
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ok thanks for answering, greetings

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