Goals when hitting Immortal grounds

Hello devs, love your game but want to point out important problem which is motivation to keep playing after reaching immortal grounds (4700+). I think it would be great if you added more then just 3 chests. You should add certain millestones so that players can try to reach higher and higher goals within season. It doesnr have to be huge rewards, 1 epic or 3 rares or certain cards or gold or chests. And those rewards should obviously be ascending not linear. So for example it can look as follows: 5000 - 3 rares, 5400 - 1500 gold, 5900 - chest 6500 - 1 epic etc all the way up to 10k maybe. It is also beneficial to you because people might spend real money in order to reach those higher goals. I would like to spend more money but there is nothing to play for besides placement in leaderboard which also doesnt reward players at the end of the season.:frowning: so maybe rewards for top 200 players would make for good competition just like the league system. Also players would play the game more so matchmaking is going to be smoother.:slight_smile: hope this is productive and you will at least think about some of the ideas i have just mentioned.

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