Glory Points Bug

Dear Devs,

My one guild mate is not getting Glory for the win…
It is showing zero glory even after victory…

Please do the needful

Thanks :wink:

I wish the friend glory points were undefined, but there is a daily limit of 60

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Hi Rahul, thanks for passing on the info. We have confirmed that your guildmate EliteDesTinY is receiving Glory points from Battle Arena duels and Campaign battles successfully. For instance, the daily Glory limit on your friends account has been reached yesterday before the Season reset at 12:00pm CEST, so battles that took place yesterday after the Season reset didn’t bring any Glory points. The daily limit of 60 Glory points resets at midnight local time of the player.
Hope this clarifies it. Feel free to write back if you need any further info.


Thanks Noëlla… Got the situation… :blush::innocent:

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Seriously? ))))) 60 points day limit? What about bronze league with 1 and 2 places!!! 280+ and 260+ ONE DAY AND WITHOUT BATTLES!!! CHEATERS!!!

I have an answer for you friend, what happens playing events also scores points, so it is important to also play events, I hope I have helped you.

No…no one event can’t give 280 points per 1 hour :frowning:

At the arena…no one can take huge score in a row for a short time…too many bots at the arena. And bots a very angry.
I playing that game from closed beta testing! It’s very hard game based on donatios. But, with donations it’s very hard too :slight_smile:

At the rank 1300+ game cheating with all players.