Getting Cards from Previous Arenas


So I’ve been playing for a while and have invested quite a bit of money to get those gems so I could open those chests.

To be honest, I shouldn’t complain, since I have most of the minions in my collection, so this is more of a question.

My progression path shows that the minions I seem to not be able to get from any type of chest, come from chesta eaened ib some of the previous arenas. The minions I’m talking about are Fire Witch and Nature Guardian. Seems like almost everyone has these minions yet after months I still haven’t managed to get them. My question is, do I need to somehow revert back to these arenas so I can get these minions or what?

Tbh I peaked at I think we’ll over 15k trophies and have been somewhere between 4 and 8k in the seasons since. That being said, I never went back after reset to those starting arenas where these minions become available. Can anyone clarify this for me, either from knowledge or personal experience?

Thanks loads :heart: Stay Heroic :slight_smile:


It’s all down to luck. After you unlock it the arena doesn’t matter anymore.

Hey Rac :slight_smile: thanks. Any other takers/opinions?

It has to be more than luck. There are a couple from early areas I have never seen, but most of my opponents have. Very frustrating

I am not the most adequate to answer this question, but I can comment that since I am playing this game, and I play it since it was even released worldwide, at the beginning it was very easy to acquire legendary, but and I want to say that now As some bases have already been laid down, the machinery has slowed down … it is my opinion.

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I agree, but some cards only seem to show up at specific trophy levels