Gentlemen, developers

Gentlemen, developers, I’m very happy that now you can’t miss cups on purpose to give more opportunities to lower league players, especially in the events, to get Phoenix chips, something that hasn’t affected me nor has it affected me since the big update, the because it is very simple I do not play any event since the five lives do not give at all and I am not willing to ruin myself financially, and second a big problem that they do not finish solving it is the pairing, not even with update after update after update in a certain So the only good thing I can say so is that if you have 4100 cups and start a game and your opponent is older than you, you close the game for a while until you are touched by a rival of the same level but you will not drop below 4100 cups but I do not think that you are interested in people doing this and playing less and less, kind regards.

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