Hi I m Aga, playing the game for a while and it just started to be less fun after reaching a cirtain level. I want to give couple of suggestions,

  1. Wouldnt it be great to have a an extra line or five lined battle event
  2. I want to be able to battle longer, just as i begin to enjoy the game it just ends, 2 minutes is just too short. When i find a worthy opponent playing is really fun, but it ends so i suggest for a longer time battles, if others like or are fine with it, maybe we should be able to arrange the battle time optional or we should have an event for longer battles. Or our castle HP should be higher to be able to use the most of the minions just as I have a big grown snake in battle field it just ruins the oppenent castle and end the battle I want the show go on a bit further to have fun. All aim shouldnt be winning, right.
    Thank you for cinsidering my offer.
    Have a good day and better improvements :’)
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