Forgotten minions from the Spellsouls days

Was tempted to mark this as general, but I went with suggestions since I’d genuinely like to see this come to fruition

Back before Heroic was what it is now (and don’t get me wrong, it is much improved from its original incarnation as Spellsouls), there were a number of minions that didn’t seem to make the cut in the transition to Heroic - which is ironically more minion-centric, having done away with spells in the deck

Off the top of my head, the Siege Goblin and Siege Scarab are both unique models with complete animations, and they looked pretty cool, gotta say. I understand that the Rune Cannon has all but functionally replaced the latter, and the Goblin Marksman’s range has been increased, but not nearly to the same range as the Siege Goblin’s

The Hellfiend also had a very different look (early appearance for Ruul?) and different function, targeting a weak enemy minion and damaging it. There’s also the Svetlana, which is functionally identical to the Commander, but again, I think it’s a shame to lose these unique models that had fully complete animations

Then there’s the minion I miss the most - the Necromancer. Incredible design, very handy ability (turning enemy minions into skeletons), and nowhere at all in present day Heroic

So I ask - whether they’re reworked entirely (as they probably ought to be) or brought back as they were originally, is there any chance of seeing these forgotten minions make a comeback in a potential future update?


Hi QHR, I also had the opportunity to play spellsouls, and I do not think that the developers think in the past because that game resembled that of the competition and I give thanks because it is so

While that’s true, some of the old minions were extremely unique. I don’t know if there’s heavy difference in coding Spellsouls vs. Heroic, so far be it from me to say whether it would be easy to bring any back in or not, but it’d certainly make my day to see some return sometime. Even some kind of cameo in the background, maybe, who knows?

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I guess I’m sort of shouting into a vacuum here, but if there are to be any new minions (ever?), do any of the forgotten Spellsouls minions have a shot? The Necromancer just looked so badass and has such a unique and useful ability. I feel like he adds a lot to the game. It would require new strategies to get around if your opponent has him and give a much needed helping hand to when you’re totally overwhelmed in a lane and have no other options

As it is, if your enemy has an insanely powerful minion in one lane or just an absurd number of them, there’s very little you can do in a reasonable time. The Necromancer’s the perfect answer to this, and I don’t think he was overpowered at all - plenty of ways to get back at him if you need

If none of the other old minions, I sincerely hope the devs consider bringing him back, hell, even with a nerf. He just looked so cool!

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